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PSTC has been around for 20 years offering quality, affordable training for 9-1-1 Professionals.
Our webinars are a fantastic alternative to in-person training. They are also a great option during the COVID-19 Era. Training must still be part of the 9-1-1 Success Story!
If you are interested in having a webinar specific for your team. Just e-mail us. 

I wasn't sure what to expect so I was thrilled that it was interactive, we got a hand-out and I was able to ask questions. I'm definitely signing up for more!

Maureen - Indiana

Thank you for this awesome Webinar, It was so encouraging especially to be able to connect with colleagues in the field during  this time. Moving forward I am interested in attending future webinars that are  being developed by your team as it pertains to work duties.

Daphynie - Wisconsin

Thank you for the wonderful webinars.  They were all very informative and enjoyable.  I would definitely like to request the webinar schedule for future that I can share with others here at Sanibel PD.

Morganna - Florida

Thank you so much for yesterday’s stress webinar! It was fantastic. I like the HERO's choice strategy. I'm going to start trying it now. 

Ted - Maryland

That was awesome!  PSTC is always awesome. Stay healthy and God bless! I look forward to more webinars soon. Usually it's just a screen and a voice. Yours include the instructor live and answers to questions. I appreciate the more personal feel. All of my questions were answered. 

Steph - Missouri 

I know what to expect when I take a PSTC Class and the Webinars exceeded my expectations. SO Much more than just a "talking head" like most. THANKS

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