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We use ZOOM Meetings and ZOOM Webinars. 

There have been reports of "ZOOM Bombing" where unauthorized people enter a meeting or webinar. That will NOT be an issue with PSTC Webinars. 

We have purchased a secure package where secure links and passwords will be sent to those that belong in the Webinar. 

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Are there security issues with your webinars?

ZOOM allows you to pay us via any credit card. When you click our registration link, it will take you to PayPal and from there, it is VERY easy! You should have the e-mail address of the student and then you pay via any credit or debit card. An e-mail link of payment will be sent directly to the student. The e-mail will include the date, time, class description and easy instructions on how to join the webinar.

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How do we pay for the webinars?
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The PSTC team is here to help you. Call us at 650-591-7911.

E-mail us at 

If you want to pay via check or PO, we will find a way of making sure that you get the link you need to attend the webinar. 

You WILL need the e-mail address of the student. It can be their personal or work e-mail. 

PLEASE don't wait to the last minute, we want to make sure your staff member gets into the class on time. 

What if we have a payment issue?

If you join the webinar within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time and stay for the entire webinar, you can request a certificate. There is NO charge for the certificate. 

Simply e-mail us with your name, agency and the webinar that you attended (title, date and time of the webinar) and we will send you a complimentary certificate that will count towards any continuing education hours or in-service hours. Check with your state to see if distance learning can apply to various state in-service requirements. 

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Will I get a certificate for viewing the webinar?
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Do I need a computer to watch a PSTC webinar?

Not really. You can watch via PC, laptop, tablet or even your cel phone. You don't need to even be at work. You can watch the webinar as long as you have a device and you are connected to the net via wifi or cellular service. 

Will the student need a web cam or special software?
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No! Right now, all students will see our Instructors live via our cameras but the students will not be shown via video. They can chat, ask questions or interact but no video is required. 

ZOOM is the best quality and easiest platform to use. You can join a ZOOM webinar via any typical web browser or via the ZOOM app. Either way it is very simple to use. Though 200 million people are now using ZOOM, if you have never used it, just visit or watch beginners tutorials on 

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