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Class Descriptions

The "standard" webinar is 90 minutes. We also do "agency specific" webinars that can be 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length. All webinar attendees receive a handout and a certificate. 
More webinar titles will be added in the coming weeks.
Once you choose a webinar, go to the "Webinar Schedule & Enroll" tab to enroll in a webinar

FILL THOSE SEATS! How to be MUCH better at Recruiting, Hiring, Training & Retaining New 9-1-1 Staff

This webinar is a GREAT problem solver for any agency that is experiencing hiring issues, training and retention challenges.
Staffing shortages are a nationwide problem. Let this very special webinar get the seats in your center filled with quality applicants!

Do these challenges sound familiar? Not getting great applicants? Not getting enough applicants? Not getting serious applicants? Then, when you finally get people, they don't stick around! Have you adapted your hiring process to match "today's applicants"? Different generations are looking for different things in a workplace these days and if we don't adapt, we will have empty seats. 

This one-of-a-kind webinar will cover Creative and Effective Recruiting; Speeding Up & Improving the Pre-Employment Process; Hiring the Best Recruits, How to effectively "pre-board" and "on-board" new or lateral staff members. We teach you proven ways to bring people to your door. It CAN be done!. We really suggest that you invest just 90 minutes to learn how to identify, engage and retain your next generation of 9-1-1 Super Heroes.  

This is a very unique webinar. We encourage Administrators, Human Resources, 911 Board Members, Directors, Administrative Staff and all future 9-1-1 Leaders to be part of this information packed webinar. Space is limited! Enroll now. If you have ANY questions,
e-mail us and we can help you with questions or enrollment.  Every student will receive an information packed hand-out along with support after the webinar as you build your new and improved recruiting process. 

9-1-1 Leadership -How to Support, Improve, Motivate & Inspire Your Team While Saving Lives-Module 1
Any leader in the 9-1-1 industry is playing the role of a juggler. How do you remediate, motivate, appreciate and inspire a group of strong personalities while meeting the demands of a 24/7 operation. This seminar will help to re-align or develop your leadership compass. TOPICS INCLUDE: How to prioritize your "to do" list, How to develop a team that focuses on respect and performance, How to keep staff skills high, Establishing a yearly performance test, How to limit liability, How to best adjust your verbal and written skills so that people understand your message. This class will use proven strategies and case studies to illustrate the importance of being an attentive leader. No more pushing the auto-pilot button and hoping that everything will be okay. This seminar is perfect for any current or future supervisor, manager, director or agency leader. It's also great to enroll those that are showing interest in being a future leader within your organization.  

9-1-1 Leadership - Building Teams Like Your Life Depends on It. Someday it Might! Leadership Module 2

It's time that we recruit, train and retain the absolute best people to do the extraordinary profession of 911 super hero. Why aren't we doing a better job filling the seats and why are people leaving? Once you have a strategy  for building a team, then the hard part starts. How do you compensate them emotionally? There is not a "one size fits all" solution. Every individual needs a personalized plan for excellence. What motivates one person will just tick another person off. This session will take the juggling tools from Leadership-Module 1 (module 1 is NOT a pre-requisite but we do suggest it if possible) and make you a Magician. We will show you how being a great leader can be life giving as opposed to a migraine maker. Think about any person playing sports. They have coaches, trainers, sports therapists and a whole team to keep them at the top of their game. How can we maintain a team of 9-1-1 high performers without breaking the bank? Module 2 is also perfect for any current or future supervisor, manager, director or agency leader. It's also great to enroll those that are showing interest in being a future leader within your organization.  

Liability & Risk Management – Module 1

Understanding liability and risk management is essential for any 9-1-1 professional. This module will cover the following topics: Legal terns and how they affect your call taking and dispatching, How policy can protect you, Decision making during in-progress events, 9-1-1 Specific case studies and we will define key terms that every 9-1-1 professional should know. This webinar allows for Q&A for live students and also ongoing support for 6 months after the class. If you have any questions in reference to the class or the topics covered, we provide that support at no extra cost via phone or e-mail support.

This class is applicable to ANY 9-1-1 professional from “new hire” to supervisors. Our intent is to build a total of 4 liability modules and this is the first of those Liability Webinar Modules. Each student that completes the webinar will receive a certificate and helpful handout.


Human Trafficking for the 9-1-1 Professional

Human trafficking is a serious issue in America. Young children are recruited and abused to be sex slaves, care givers and much more. What should we listen for when taking calls for service? What are the signs of someone being trafficked? What jobs, businesses and industries lend themselves to individuals or groups that are being trafficked? What should you do if a call sounds suspicious but you don’t know what to do? What are some specific questions that you should ask? How should the call be dispatched to minimize risk to the victim and maximize prosecution of the suspect?  What standards exist to help you. This is a very timely topic that needs to be part of your in-service training.

This webinar is applicable to ANY 9-1-1 professional from line level to management. Every student will receive over 50 pages of research and studies to enhance the webinar and all students that complete the webinar will be sent a certificate and a comprehensive handout.


Battling Negativity and what is your “Happiness Advantage”?

Does your stomach turn when certain co-workers drive into the parking lot? When certain people work, does it give you a headache? How about the people that you LOVE to work with, aren’t they a breath of fresh air? This great webinar will show the traits of positivity that will help you both on duty and off duty. Battling negativity isn’t easy when we are sometimes surrounded by various negative assaults from callers, co-workers and field responders. This webinar will offer proven tactics for battling negativity, embracing productive ways to shield yourself from bullying, drama and negativity. The webinar will also introduce you to the theory of “positive psychology” and how you can build a “Happiness Advantage”. This advantage can seriously change your view on life and work that will positively impact everything that you do. Give it a try, we think you will be impressed!

This webinar is perfect for any 9-1-1 staff member. Whether you need an affirmation of your positivity and want some new tools or if you struggle with staying positive, upbeat or productive this is the webinar for you. All students that complete the webinar will get a comprehensive handout and certificate.

Crisis & Suicidal Callers During this Pandemic
Studies show that that the link between our “stay in place”, “14 day quarantine ” and massive employee layoffs combined with loneliness, health concerns  and financial fears will be the perfect storm for crisis and suicide calls . This very special webinar will cover crisis calls, calls from the mentally ill and suicide calls that you may have to handle in these turbulent times. It’s our responsibility to effectively handle an increased level of callers in crisis. Call taking skills and field responder skills will be covered. How can you defuse a caller in crisis? What calls should we be sending a field responder on? Are there approved referrals or resources available in your region that are better prepared to assist these callers? As with all of our amazing webinars, there will be a Q&A time for students.


All students will get a hand-out and certificate for viewing the webinar. This webinar is well worth your time!


Domestic & Family  Violence – Isolation With Your Abuser
Domestic violence households are already a fragile, volatile and scary environment for any DV victim and anyone else in their family. Both adults and kids are at a bug risk. There is already anecdotal evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment where domestic violence is on the rise. Financial and health concerns are on everyone’s mind but if the relationship is already strained, the chances or verbal, physical and sexual abuse go up. Our current lockdowns are basically “trapping” victims in an unhealthy environment. As tensions rise, so does the risk to the victim and anyone that lives in the home. This PSTC Webinar will teach information gathering tools for call takers, calming skills and ways to minimize risk to the victim, suspect and our field responders. The class will best prepare any 9-1-1 professional for Domestic Violence calls during our tough times or in the future when things return to “normal”.  As with all of our spectacular webinars, there will be a Q&A time for students.


All students will get a hand-out and certificate for viewing the webinar. 


Child Abuse, Elder Isolation & the “at Risk Population”
During national emergencies, there is a history of a large increase of child abuse, family violence and people take advantage or are violent towards the “at risk” population. Children, Senior Citizens, Special Needs Individuals, Homeless People are just a few. This class will share case studies, solutions and important questions that 9-1-1 Professionals can ask to obtain the best information available. Our goal with this class is to better educate call takers and dispatchers on how to best protect our “at risk” population. Awareness, call taking skills, appropriate referrals and much more will ne included in this valuable webinar. We will also include the basic elements of these crimes and how they should be classified and prioritized. Though we have built this class based on current events and an increase in these crimes, the information in this Webinar will still be helpful the COVID-91 pandemic has passed. As with all of our awesome webinars, there will be a Q&A time for students.


This is the only webinar of its kind, don't miss it. All students will get a hand-out and certificate for viewing the webinar. 

How “Customer Service” & COVID-19 are connected

Are you enjoying “COVID Communications”? “I see kids playing outside, I need an Officer out here”, “There is a nail salon open downtown, can you shut them down?”, “There is a guy outside coughing, you need to do something”. Fun, right? PSTC is well known for their fabulous “customer service” classes. This class will offer great strategies for screening calls, calming fears or responding when necessary. If you don’t train your team for providing exceptional service, your service levels will decrease over time. There are high expectations by the public and the public looks to us for calm. We will load students up with great responses and show them how to reassure people that are having a stress response. Let’s face it, if people have been watching the local or national news, they are understandably freaked out. Learn how to quickly, efficiently and kindly handle calls during these times. As with all of our fantastic webinars, there will be a Q&A time for students.


We ALL need customer service reminders. 2020 was a dumpster fire and 2021 hasn't been very joyful yet. America is tired and fatigued, they need US to offer some service and kindness. All students will get a hand-out and certificate for viewing the webinar. 

Surviving COVID-911 Stress - Wellness, Mindfulness and Building Your Stress Management Toolbox

Between calls for service, quarantine at home, overtime, national racial tension, threatening calls to 9-1-1 meant for field responders and so much more. Then you add personal stressors like health, finances, following guidelines and the 24 hour onslaught of news. It's all stressful. Every person needs a stress reduction toolbox. This webinar doesn't talk about where the stress comes from, it provides realistic tools for immediate use in your professional and personal life. We talk about traditional techniques and more advances techniques like mindfulness, resilience and even free apps on your phone or You Tube videos that you can use for meditation or improves sleep. It is so important that you take care of yourself and have a wellness plan so that you are better prepared caregiver for callers, responders, fellow 9-1-1 professionals and your friend and family. We are always talking about "customer service" in our classes. In this webinar, YOU are the customer and wellness is the service!  

COVID or controversial times, we ALL need some stress reduction. All students that complete the webinar will receive a comprehensive handout and a certificate. 

What is "implicit bias" or "systemic racism" and how does it affect 9-1-1?


This webinar explores bias, implicit bias and how it impacts 9-1-1 call takers, dispatchers and field responders. As America grapples with issues of Racism, Prejudice and Bias, it’s time for a discussion on how “implicit bias” affects our responses to 9-1-1 calls. It’s common to read about or watch on TV where a caller with an existing prejudice or bias calls for a ridiculous reason such as someone bar-b-queuing in a city park (where it is legal ) or calling about a someone sleeping in the common area of a dorm room (where he is a resident and registered student) or the golf foursome that called 9-1-1 because “these women ahead of us are slow and loud”. What did all of these calls have in common? A white caller and they were calling about black individuals. Calls are now increasing and they have a national nickname of "Karen calls". 

Students will gain an understanding that Bias is not necessarily Prejudice but it’s important to understand how we must set aside the bias and ask probing questions so that we are providing our responders with the best possible data. A 2015 DOJ report listed the essential connection between better policing and well-trained call takers and dispatchers asking appropriate questions during bias based calls for service. 

This is an enlightening class that you will enjoy. It’s not a “shame on you” class, it is a step in the right direction towards better preparing our field responders for improved outcomes. It all starts with a call to 9-1-1, let's start with new knowledge. 

Stress Reduction Strategies for Emergency Dispatchers - How to Make a HEROES CHOICE

911 call centers across the United States are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with police, fire, and emergency dispatchers. Long shifts, complex and demanding calls, a fast-paced environment. Working in an emotionally charged setting can cause work-related stress for emergency dispatchers and call takers. Despite the importance of self-care among both novice and veteran emergency dispatchers, evidence suggests that dispatchers and their supervisors have done little to actively promote a culture of self-care. This workshop is a great first step.

Emergency dispatchers provide help to people in need, but how often do 9-1-1 Professionals take care of themselves when facing personal challenges and struggles? In this time saving and cost-effective two-hour Webinar, PSTC will train your staff with common-sense fundamentals to combat work and personal stress. Using our HERO’S STRESS Model, you and your team will learn how to manage the effects of workplace stress, to support a healthier and to maintain a sustainable workforce. This model has been developed by subject matter expert dispatchers and professional clinicians.

The overall goal of the program is to cultivate stress reduction techniques in order to help dispatchers sustain the personal and professional vitality necessary in order to fulfill their responsibility to the public. Topics will cover: · The honest facts about dispatcher stress, Strategies to increase resilience, confidence, self-efficacy, and courage, the impact of organizational culture, research-based approaches to Self-care.

PSTC strives to empower dispatchers with the necessary tools and psychological capital to cope with adverse work experiences and the stress involved in their important role. Learn from the research, our professional experience, and other dispatchers in this workshop to become a positive force in your organization. Be a HERO. As with all of our memorable webinars, there will be a Q&A time for students.


All students that complete the webinar will get a hand-out and certificate. 



What Would You do?

This interactive class sets up several scenarios in which a dispatcher or call taker must decide on how they would handle a scenario in a fast paced 9-1-1 environment.  We will discuss scenarios from staffing our centers to handling mass casualty incidents.  A scenario would be shown on video or audio tape and then the class will discuss the scenario in depth getting a roundtable feeling on how it would be handled in their centers. 


Being a Leader during Extraordinary Emergencies

During our every day operations being a leader is a challenging but reasonably predictable job.  We have our everyday paperwork, scheduling, staffing and occasionally disciplinary work.  But when the going gets tough the real leaders step out behind the curtain and take control of their centers and become that rock that the troops are looking for; the general so to speak.  This class will discuss what is too far versus what is not enough.  We will also provide scenarios and videos that would provide examples of great leaders in extraordinary situations


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